Find the perfect breeder

Breeder Referrals

Find the perfect breeder

Breeder Referrals

Finding the Perfect Breeder Can Be Easy, but There’s a Lot to Consider!

So you are looking for a puppy……..

After researching what breed would be best for your family’s needs, it’s time to search for a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders breed to preserve, protect, and promote the breed standard. Maintaining the correct structure, temperament, and breed traits are important to produce better and healthier pets that can serve as wonderful family companions. Almost all reputable breeders are members of their local breed club or all-breed club.

Reputable breeders strive to produce dogs that are free from genetic diseases and undesirable temperament traits. Each breed has specific tests that should be done to help ensure that the puppies that are produced are free from genetic diseases that can be avoided easily by simple DNA testing. Ask to see copies of the parent’s health certificates.

Reputable breeders will interview you and ask many questions. They will want to know about your family and how you will care for your new companion. How many hours will the new puppy be home alone and how they will be contained for their safety. They will ask for veterinary references and may do a home visit as well.

After you have selected a reputable breeder… 

You will be asked to visit with the litter and the breeder. A healthy puppy will have clear, shiny eyes that are free from discharge and a shiny clean coat. They should appear well fed, alert, and playful. When available, look at the entire litter and see the dam. Ask to see where the puppies are kept and check to make sure the surroundings are clean and well kept. 

Check to see what type and brand of food the breeder recommends. Most will give you a sample of the food that your new puppy has been on in order to ease the transition into their new homes.

The breeder should provide a certificate of vaccination and worming stating what types of vaccines and worming medicine were used as well as the dates the puppies have received them. Ask if a fecal exam was done. Most breeders will take the litter into their veterinarian for a Well Puppy Check prior to them leaving to their new homes. When you bring your puppy home, it is advisable to make an appointment for a Well Puppy Check within 48 hours with your own veterinarian. It is important to follow through and complete your puppy’s vaccine schedule as well as start your puppy on heartworm preventative. It is important to keep your puppy on heartworm medicine each year throughout mosquito season.

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